Hetalia prompt - 1/100

I need to take a break from my other projects (as they're being particularly stubborn and don't want me to write them.). So, perusing the internet, I found a 100 prompt challenge and decided to drabble my way back to being able to write something of substance. Not to say that this won't be interesting (I don't think I'm capable of writing something that ISN'T - or at least, I hope so) but it's a bit of a break from my norm... mostly because I've never written something with chapters short enough for me to consider a 'drabble'.

I've set this in a Gakuen AU - starring England because I can never get enough of him - and while this could be considered a slice of life fic, it's rather fragmented to fit with the themes from the prompt. In the end, you'll get the whole picture, but to get from point A to point Z, things will happen that may not be cleared up for 10... 20, or even 50 chapters. So... think of it as a slice-of-life Hetalia version of Baccano, but without the Immortality and the mass murder - but dealing with the trials and tribulations of a British boy who's trying to survive Secondary School.


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Currently untitled Englandcest 1/?

Title: Currently none (the hardest part of a story is making up the name) Author: keiko_keket Rating: PG-13 (I assume... I don't know my own country's ratings >.<) Warnings: Just a little drunkeness this chapter - more stuff later. Oh, and eventual Englandcest! Summary: Years ago, America finds this little book in his old house and keeps it. Years later, he accidently casts a spell while drunk - accidently opening a portal to another world. And who should be sucked through, but another England. Collapse )


Alright, so this is my life - or rather, just the free time when I'm not at work. Is it sad that it's mostly writing right now, or not?

Okay, so. Juggling game is a go. So many things I want to write, so many projects I've taken on. First and foremost is my Nanowrimo - yes the contest is over... no the fic is NOT. I'd hazard a guess that I'm about halfway complete - and halfway crazy for starting the bloody wonderful thing. Um... not currently working on it, we need some time apart.

Then comes next major project, even though I can't tell you what it's about - I'm writing an epic story on the Hetalia Kink Meme and it's eating my soul. Not currently working on it as well - apparently I may be really good at writing 1st person POV but doing 3rd person POV is really fucking hard.

There's my prompts from the Codfish Pub, two of which are complete, one I'm still working on but will be wonderful and beautiful when it's done. Hoping for more requests too!

Moving on, I joined the englandcest community... don't look at me that way. Got a story I've started for that too which will turn into an epic story if I ever figure out what goes in the middle. Seriously, the beginning is all planned out, and the end, but nothing in the middle.

Tossing a couple of HP/Hetalia xover's around in my head - they're great ideas but looking above, I just shouldn't have the time to update them.

One more epic angstfic stuck in my head (which revolves around England, just like all my other stories seem too) that involves a lot of, of all people, Italy. I won't say much about it other than Italy gets a good look at England's scars and it reminds him of his grandfather.

Throw in some real life, turn on the blender and pray I actually do these...

Because this is me not even mentioning any of my other stories other than Hetalia... someone should smack me for juggling so many things... in real life, I can't juggle at all for goodness sakes!